It plays a role!

                                  Bliss                   PC: Kriti Thakur

It’s always been about travelling, travelling and travelling.

How about weather this time? 

Weather plays a crucial part when it comes to wandering because a pleasant day makes it worthy. From getting ready to leaving the house and taking all your stuff with you is obviously important, but at the top comes this term called weather. 😀

                       A better place to live!         PC- Kriti Thakur

Friendly weather is a good friend. A bright day helps you feel better and the idea of going out is cherry on the cake. 

The concept of understanding different kinds of weather is another essential aspect to keep in mind when going on a time off from a busy schedule. But be aware that it can change anytime. Therefore, be prepared for every challenge and enjoy your best.

“Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces up, snow is exhilarating; there is no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather”___Ruskin




In the end!

                              Beauty at its best!           PC- Kriti Thakur

The fact of how time keeps running fast is so strange and surprising. We start from the bottom and keep walking towards our goals.

This scenario is a bit similar to our travel plans. We go for a trip and after coming back, the first question that hits our mind is, ” Did we go to the place we were deciding to go to?”

And the answer is, ” Yes” … We did!

Picture 3
Random click by me!

The story is all about making memories and living with them. Also, about facing challenges and overcoming all the fears because and the end, all we need is satisfaction and most importantly VICTORY.

PS- Do what feels right. And never compromise on your ethics and convention.

Video captured by Parth Sharma-


Connections made!

“Smile at strangers and you just might change a life.”
― Steve Maraboli

A street market, Dharamshala, India         PC: Kriti Thakur 

I always hear people talking about the importance of relationships. You never know when you come across someone who changes your life or influence it in any way.
We go on trips without realizing whom all are we going to meet. And the unanswered question will be, even if we get to know someone on our way to a place, are we going to stay in contact after we leave?

                                            Happy faces                   Source:

For some, the answer will be a YES, and for some, it will be a NO. But for some, it could be a MAYBE.
If I was to answer it, I will say YES, it works, works unexpectedly. I believe in making connections and building relationships. It not only helps in getting to know different people from different parts but also adds on to your personal growth and well being. Because usually, the unplanned connections are the best. People help you grow mentally and boosts your confidence, something that not everyone can do.




 Lit candles at a monastery in Dharamshala, India        PC- Kriti Thakur

Whenever I hear people talking about travelling, the first thing that hits my mind is PICTURES.

Isn’t it funny how we get excited about the trip we plan to go on? Not only does the thought about places excite us, but also the fact that we are going to collect memories is a next level thing.

Cam Cam – Camera!

       Secret to capturing        PC- Kriti Thakur

Remember, always carry along your capturing device because it is important to click and catch everything that is appealing to you.

When the idea of back packing hit my mind (few years back), I never realized the value of clicking pictures and keeping them saved, but over the years one thing I’ve definitely realized is to capture as many photos as I can. Because it is always exciting to flaunt your experiences and creativity at the same time.

Thinking about why creativity?

It is because your pictures undoubtedly reflect your level of imagination, including the location and the angle in which you click a picture.

Video captured by a friend of mine – Parth Sharma-











Making it up

unnamed (9)
Green is beautiful         PC- Kriti Thakur

The 3 Ts – Travel, Travelling, Traveller, the combination of the three gets me going. The idea of highlighting them all is considered to be purposeful. But there are times when you fail to stay consistent and are occupied with various other stuff.

The story is somewhat the same. It’s been a while I went on a trip with my bag pack. Nothing is to be blamed but time. Time is one of the most important aspects of humans’ life. Isn’t it? I think it is!

Wait for the right time             PC-  Lorelyn Medina

For students it might be school  that keeps them occupied. For employers, it might be work. But whatever it is TIME will always make you do things that are to be done. The blame game played well!

No matter what  keeps you busy, find peace and happiness in whatever you do.

P.S- Will still wait for the right time to go out and wander again!


Mix on the way

                                 Roads and adventure            PC- Kriti Thakur

The term ‘travel’ sets everything right, no matter if you plan a trip for a day or weeks. As  I always mention travelling is that one thing, I would never compromise a thing for. Endless experiences and perks!

Apart from all these joys and happiness, travel is also about FOOD.

  Bhelpuri, favourite street food in most parts of India          PC- subodhsathe/Getty Images

Food makes it worthy. There are people who never miss a chance of trying new things especially different cuisines and writing the recipe in their notepads. The idea of penning down various recipes help them take forward the visited place’s native dish.

This is definitely the best way to learn new things.

One of the most preferred snack for people from the mountains in the nation is none other than Maggie—- Noodles!

The various types of Noodles include:

  1. Boiled noodles
  2. Vegetarian noodles
  3. Hakka noodles
  4. Cantonese noodles
          Glimpse!                   PC- Sahil

People especially travel uphills to satisfy their taste buds with the street cooked noodles.  Not only they get to eat the specific dishes but travelling also gives them a boost to go to different restaurants and try out various other stuff.

Fun, Fun and fun! 






Back to life

Combination and Perfection

A Walk together       PC: Kriti Thakur

Music has always been an important part of our lives. It has the power to boost our imagination. I find it interesting how we relate most of the things to music.

I stand speechless when I try looking for an answer to the fact of combing happenings to the world of sounds and songs. I would never miss a chance to roll up with the music and get going. It is all time every time.


                                                            Music-Mice                          Retrieved from

I can never miss on putting travelling and music together. It’s commendable how I see objects moving with the flow of sounds running in my ears.

Never miss on pulling your headphones along, whenever it is time for you to explore the world. 





Story of my life

  Pretty you:

                                Beauty             PC: Kriti Thakur

They have no mouth, but seem to speak

A thousand words so mild and meek.

They have no eyes , but seem to see

And  they suddenly bury thoughts into me.

They have no ears, but seem to hear

All my cries and every tear.

They have no arms, but seem to pat
When with worries I feel so sad

They have no feet, but seem to walk
Along with me in my dreams and talk

They, I know, are pretty and  nice

 And so they  spread  their fragrance a million miles.

      Matter of time:

        Bright                        PC: Kriti Thakur

Time passes by so quickly and  we realize,

We grow up in the same manner as they do,

Stepping in like a bud, coming up with the opening petals

And finally turning out into a blooming flower.

 Observe little things around and then you’ll know the ways to feel fresh and new

With a smile so broad, I thank God,

Whose work to imagine is really too hard.

   Source: @Pearlyn 

Pine tale

Once upon a time:

                          Reflection in the water       PC: Kriti Thakur

Today when I look back, I can still recall those walks to school. I used to walk hand in hand with my elder sister. You know what? I never took a bus to school, we’d rather walk and gaze through the pine trees’ jungle in order to make our way till there. 


             Pine Love      PC: Kriti Thakur

The immense joy we felt while  going to school is hard to define, but the flashback seems real. It still refreshes my mind. Early morning wind hit our faces just like the waves of the ocean hits the shore. AMAZING! it used to be, especially the collection of pine cones during the season was a WAO!

Peace in those vibes:

                              What about it?     PC: Sahil Chauhan

I don’t hesitate in calling myself a wanderer.  My love for travelling has been within since I was a child. I can’t stop myself from flaunting about the beauty of nature no matter which place I go. Even if I decide to go out for a walk, the pleasure the environment and the surroundings gives me is just mesmerising.   

My love for travelling is a transferred trait from none other than my FATHER.

PS: Thanks dad… (:



A bond shared!


  Key Kibber, India      PC: Kriti Thakur 

The term travel will never drop down the curve of your face, I’m sure. It is always a good idea to pack your bags and plan a trip to a place that gives the inner high. Travelling can be exhilarating and exciting as it has a bucket of full of surprises to unfold.

Benefits to offer:

unnamed (2)
                             Shrikhand Mahadev Trek, India        PC: Kriti Thakur                         

A single fact about travelling that might fascinate people is that it not only refreshes your mood but also helps you grow physically and mentally.

unnamed (9)
         Shikari Devi Trek          PC: Kriti Thakur 

There are number of ways in which travelling can help you stay happy and fit at the same time:

  • Travelling helps you reduce stress and depression.
  • It is the best way to meet people from different cultures, therefore, ending up building new relationships.
  • The best way  to learn is explore. There can always be a takeaway from a trip you decide to go on.
  • The health benefits that travelling provides are tremendous. It helps you stay active and increases blood circulation.
  • Last but not the least, it will always level-up your creativity.

One last tip: Never miss a chance of exploring various places, you never know what comes in the way that you might learn from.