Mix on the way

                                 Roads and adventure            PC- Kriti Thakur

The term ‘travel’ sets everything right, no matter if you plan a trip for a day or weeks. As  I always mention travelling is that one thing, I would never compromise a thing for. Endless experiences and perks!

Apart from all these joys and happiness, travel is also about FOOD.

  Bhelpuri, favourite street food in most parts of India          PC- subodhsathe/Getty Images

Food makes it worthy. There are people who never miss a chance of trying new things especially different cuisines and writing the recipe in their notepads. The idea of penning down various recipes help them take forward the visited place’s native dish.

This is definitely the best way to learn new things.

One of the most preferred snack for people from the mountains in the nation is none other than Maggie—- Noodles!

The various types of Noodles include:

  1. Boiled noodles
  2. Vegetarian noodles
  3. Hakka noodles
  4. Cantonese noodles
          Glimpse!                   PC- Sahil

People especially travel uphills to satisfy their taste buds with the street cooked noodles.  Not only they get to eat the specific dishes but travelling also gives them a boost to go to different restaurants and try out various other stuff.

Fun, Fun and fun! 






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