Story of my life

  Pretty you:

                                Beauty             PC: Kriti Thakur

They have no mouth, but seem to speak

A thousand words so mild and meek.

They have no eyes , but seem to see

And  they suddenly bury thoughts into me.

They have no ears, but seem to hear

All my cries and every tear.

They have no arms, but seem to pat
When with worries I feel so sad

They have no feet, but seem to walk
Along with me in my dreams and talk

They, I know, are pretty and  nice

 And so they  spread  their fragrance a million miles.

      Matter of time:

        Bright                        PC: Kriti Thakur

Time passes by so quickly and  we realize,

We grow up in the same manner as they do,

Stepping in like a bud, coming up with the opening petals

And finally turning out into a blooming flower.

 Observe little things around and then you’ll know the ways to feel fresh and new

With a smile so broad, I thank God,

Whose work to imagine is really too hard.

   Source: @Pearlyn 

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