Connections made!

“Smile at strangers and you just might change a life.”
― Steve Maraboli

A street market, Dharamshala, India         PC: Kriti Thakur 

I always hear people talking about the importance of relationships. You never know when you come across someone who changes your life or influence it in any way.
We go on trips without realizing whom all are we going to meet. And the unanswered question will be, even if we get to know someone on our way to a place, are we going to stay in contact after we leave?

                                            Happy faces                   Source:

For some, the answer will be a YES, and for some, it will be a NO. But for some, it could be a MAYBE.
If I was to answer it, I will say YES, it works, works unexpectedly. I believe in making connections and building relationships. It not only helps in getting to know different people from different parts but also adds on to your personal growth and well being. Because usually, the unplanned connections are the best. People help you grow mentally and boosts your confidence, something that not everyone can do.


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