Lit candles at a monastery in Dharamshala, India        PC- Kriti Thakur

Whenever I hear people talking about travelling, the first thing that hits my mind is PICTURES.

Isn’t it funny how we get excited about the trip we plan to go on? Not only does the thought about places excite us, but also the fact that we are going to collect memories is a next level thing.

Cam Cam – Camera!

       Secret to capturing        PC- Kriti Thakur

Remember, always carry along your capturing device because it is important to click and catch everything that is appealing to you.

When the idea of back packing hit my mind (few years back), I never realized the value of clicking pictures and keeping them saved, but over the years one thing I’ve definitely realized is to capture as many photos as I can. Because it is always exciting to flaunt your experiences and creativity at the same time.

Thinking about why creativity?

It is because your pictures undoubtedly reflect your level of imagination, including the location and the angle in which you click a picture.

Video captured by a friend of mine – Parth Sharma-











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