Making it up

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Green is beautiful         PC- Kriti Thakur

The 3 Ts – Travel, Travelling, Traveller, the combination of the three gets me going. The idea of highlighting them all is considered to be purposeful. But there are times when you fail to stay consistent and are occupied with various other stuff.

The story is somewhat the same. It’s been a while I went on a trip with my bag pack. Nothing is to be blamed but time. Time is one of the most important aspects of humans’ life. Isn’t it? I think it is!

Wait for the right time             PC-  Lorelyn Medina

For students it might be school  that keeps them occupied. For employers, it might be work. But whatever it is TIME will always make you do things that are to be done. The blame game played well!

No matter what  keeps you busy, find peace and happiness in whatever you do.

P.S- Will still wait for the right time to go out and wander again!


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