Pine tale

Once upon a time:

                          Reflection in the water       PC: Kriti Thakur

Today when I look back, I can still recall those walks to school. I used to walk hand in hand with my elder sister. You know what? I never took a bus to school, we’d rather walk and gaze through the pine trees’ jungle in order to make our way till there. 


             Pine Love      PC: Kriti Thakur

The immense joy we felt while  going to school is hard to define, but the flashback seems real. It still refreshes my mind. Early morning wind hit our faces just like the waves of the ocean hits the shore. AMAZING! it used to be, especially the collection of pine cones during the season was a WAO!

Peace in those vibes:

                              What about it?     PC: Sahil Chauhan

I don’t hesitate in calling myself a wanderer.  My love for travelling has been within since I was a child. I can’t stop myself from flaunting about the beauty of nature no matter which place I go. Even if I decide to go out for a walk, the pleasure the environment and the surroundings gives me is just mesmerising.   

My love for travelling is a transferred trait from none other than my FATHER.

PS: Thanks dad… (:



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