Two Ts from Davinder Verma

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View from Shrikhand Mahadev

Take vacations and travel as many places as you can, have been the Mantra of my hero- My Father. No one could have been better than him for this spot, at least. He is my forever inspiration, especially when it comes to travelling. He has always taught me the ways in order to survive outside my comfort zone. My father is less like a father and more like a ‘partner in crime’ figure for me.

  A poet:

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Davinder Verma at Shrikhand Mahadev

The best part about daddy is that he narrates all the possible tales of his adventurous trips in a fascinating way. As a child, I grew up listening to all those stories; this is the reason why passion for travelling flows in the veins, and is an inherited trait. Therefore, the two Ts stand for Travelling – Traits, on the top.

When you possess a quality, you want people to possess it too. However, this plays true in my case. Being a traveller, my father always wanted his daughter to go out and grab it all. He has been my tutor, not in terms of flipping pages but in terms of making memories and penning them down on ‘pages’.

  Know him better:

Name of the interviewee: Davinder Verma

Relationship with the blogger: Father

Occupation: Government Employee

Hobbies: Travelling and reading books

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Davinder Verma in Shimla, India

  In conversation with DV:

Kriti: Why do you consider travelling as a part of your hobbies?

Davinder: I think the best way for me to invest my time is on travelling.

Kriti: How will you define travelling in one word?

Davinder: Life (by all means)

Kriti: Do you have a list of go to places?

Davinder: Definitely, I do. Considering my travel history, my go to destination has always been hilly areas. Although, I have travelled abroad and various other places extensively, I still prefer reaching out to mountains.

Kriti: How many places have you visited till now?

Davinder: Well, it is a long list, but I don’t mind mentioning few of them. I have completed almost all the treacherous treks in India.
Shrikhand Mahadev trek– 18,000 feet

Amarnath Trek – 13,000 feet

Bijli Mahadev trek– 8071 feet

I went to Kibber Village, Asia’s highest village, the third time with my daughter in 2015. I have also been to almost all the South Asian countries.

Kibber Village , Lahaul Spiti, India   PC: Kriti Thakur

Kriti: When did the idea of travelling hit your mind?

Davinder: It has been there since I was a child. I still remember the times back in 1979, when I first went on a camp, since then travelling became a part of my life.

Kriti: Your inspiration?

Davinder: Shimla- my hometown was once the British capital of India, when the country was under the British rule. Later, when I started travelling, I met people from different nations, who visited the capital from all over the world and became my inspiration.

Kriti: Do you find time and money management easy before planning a trip?

Davinder: Management is the key for me. On one hand, I make it a point to list down the savings for the trip I plan, and on the other hand, I make sure that I spare enough time to visit each place out there, peacefully.

Kriti: It is obvious that people like to travel with a companion, but if given a chance would you travel alone?

Davinder: Absolutely, I will go for it, but if you have your vibes along, the trip turns out to be interesting and memorable.

Kriti: What all experiences have you gained after travelling almost half of the world?

Davinder: The best experience about every place I have visited has to be the peace and patience that Mother Nature holds on. As I kept on travelling different places, I realized that I became more knowledgeable and gained good amount experience.

Glacier slides- a challenge

Kriti: Has language been a barrier while communicating with people from all around the world?

Davinder: Yes, it becomes a barrier while you are out there, but at times a smile works. If not words, expressions and actions are enough to get through.

Kriti: Travelling Tips you would like to share?

Davinder: I have a bunch of them-

  • Smaller the bag packs, better will be the journey of a traveller.
  • Never miss out on essentials like tents, sleeping bag, and a water bottle which might not be available at few places.
  • “Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter,” said Izaak Walton. Prefer travelling with limited number of people rather than going in large groups.
  • Always plan your trip keeping in mind time management. Equally distribute your time.

 Kriti: Your message to the people?

Davinder: Everyday is a journey, so get the best out of it and be a traveller.


I regard my father as a genius. No one could have ever motivated me the way he has. He is not only my go-getter, but also a bundle of joyfulness, experiences and a person with positive attitude for almost everybody in the family and the vicinity.

Special thanks to Davinder Verma for sparing his time and sharing his experience with me.

Any father- daughter travellers ? Comment below to share your story. 🙂


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